Monday, March 3, 2014

The New Name

In the last post I talked about the new name for my business.  "A Touch of Blue" was launched last week and I am so excited about the new logo.  The graphic designer did an awesome job and she captured the essence of what I wanted for my new business.  Lionel is currently working on getting a website up and running and I will make some of my scarves, purses, and eyeglass holders available for sale on the website.  I am also working on selling my scarves to a few select stores.

The past Saturday I had a nuno felting workshop and all the scarves turned out beautiful. Samantha was my youngest student and she did a great job on her scarf with bright colors.  I will post pictures of the other scarves soon.

Every week I make more nuno felted scarves and eye glass holders, and I hope to make some more purses soon.  Here are a few more pictures of recent scarves.

I added a lot of different fibers to this scarf                      

A few silver pieces makes it shine!

The flower design makes this scarf come alive

Pretty purple!
Eye glass holders

Most scarves that I am making now are lighter and more suitable for spring.  I just love all the beautiful colors I get to play with! 

More posts soon, ..... maybe from the new website.

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