Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It is finally getting warm!

Hi everyone,
I hope the warm weather is here to stay. Some people say they can't knit in summer because it is too hot. Not me! I want to get all my Christmas gifts done this summer.  
I have been trying to keep up to date with pictures of my projects, and little by little I will get it done.  Stitch Pretty is having summer camps  and I will do yarn crafts in the afternoon during the June 17-21 and July 8-12 camps from 1-4 pm.  Sewing skills will be taught in the morning and the yarn crafts in the afternoon.  Students can sign up for the whole day or just for a morning or afternoon.  We will be doing some fun and exciting crafts with yarn and I will post some pictures about that too.
I have been busy with all sorts of knitting projects and lots of new ideas are already forming in my head.  Just recently I lost one of my projects that was handed in for approval at the one locations where I teach.  Somebody obviously thought it was cute and took it!  It was a little I-pod/I-phone holder with a basket weave pattern and it is something that can be used for anything like tissues or as a little gift bag. I will probably have to knit another, but so many projects and so little time.  The story of my life.
I attended a yarn expo in April and had the best time looking at and touching all the wonderful yarn.  There were lots of knitted items that made my mouth water.  I was so overwhelmed by everything that I almost end up not buying anything.  In the end I bought beautiful Koigu yarn (100% wool) and made a cowl for an exciting trip that I will be going on towards the end of the year.  The picture will be posted next time.  It is late and I don't have the energy to battle with my old camera.  Got to get a new one!
This was the I-pod holder that has gone missing.  The basket weave is fun to knit and the sides are crochet together.

One of the summer camp yarn crafts will be weaving on an old CD.  You can make a few of these and put them all together in a pattern on the wall. 

Students will also make their own knitting needles.  I found the wooden beads with faces on in a craft store and made the braids from yarn for the tall needles.  The short needles have sparkling beads glued on top.  It is going to be so much fun to have the students make their own knitting needles that they will use in their lessons.



 I cute hat with lace pattern.  The flower is made from a knitted I-cord.

These are some of the projects one of my 8-year old students made - pocket purse, red heart for Valentine's Day, booties, pom-poms, etc.  She was a real pleasure to work with.

As always I am on the hunt for new ideas and new patterns.  Until next time, happy knitting - or crocheting!