Monday, October 1, 2012

Home Decor

During the past 2 weekends we had to do lots of work in our backyard and not much knitting got done.  However, I had some time to catch up and I finished a few projects.  The first project was a fall wreath made out of yarn.  The project looked like fun and I was excited to start.  It was not an easy project, but I was happy with the end product. The wreath is made out of left over yarn that is wrapped around a foam ring padded with batting.  The little flowers are made out of yarn glued onto card stock. A hot glue gun was used to attach the flowers and doilies to the yarn wrapped ring.  Hot glue and yarn can be very tricky, but the end product turned out pretty good.

The next project was a sleeveless jacket that was finished a while ago, but I could not decide what to do to for a fastener in front.  I decided to make my own buttons and don't they just look cute!  Crochet around a plastic ring and you have buttons that match your item. I can't wait to wear it!!

I have some more projects to come, but until next time, happy knitting!