Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hi there everyone,
I finally found the lost camera, but then I did something that erased the camera software from the computer.  Lucky for me I uploaded some pictures before I did that.
I have started back on knitting and felting purses and I am having a blast. So many yarns and colors to choose from.  Funny how the idea for a purse starts.  Sometimes it will be color of a yarn and other times it will be a flower or an eye catching button.  I wanted to make a tote for my Bible study books and these colorful flowers were the inspiration. I made a bunch of these flowers to be used for future projects and just love the colors and the way they felted.  I decided to make a tote and use the flowers for decoration.  I love it, and everything fits perfectly inside my tote.

 This little purse was all about the yarn, and I am sorry to say that the picture does not reflect the true colors. It is really a deep aqua (more green than blue) and the self striping yarn just pulled the whole purse together.  I found the flower and peacock feather combination afterwards and could not believe how all the colors matched.

 This picture shows the back of the purse.  It was also the first time that I made bobbles on a purse and I think it looks very cute!

Watch my blog for more pictures to come.  I have another purse in the final stages and as soon as it is done I will post the pictures.  I can't wait to see how the colors turn out.
Till then, happy knitting!

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