Saturday, August 3, 2013

A new adventure - Nuno felting

When the studio owner of Stitch Pretty approached me with learning a new felting technique to teach in a class, I was first a little apprehensive, but the more I learned about it the more excited I got.  As everyone can see on my blog I love knitting and felting, especially purses.  Nuno felting is something very different - and that is what I am learning now.  Wool fibers are felted onto silk to create beautiful, soft scarves.  Since silk is so light, this makes and ideal scarf for cooler weather or to dress up any outfit.  My first few attempts were disappointing, but I am learning.  After a few flops, my first actual scarf turned out nicely and the colors just look beautiful. 

The colors reminds me of the ocean

 I covered most of the scarf in roving wool and felted it.  With other techniques you can leave open spaces on the silk, and as you felt the scarf, it creates lovely waves in the silk.

Next I tried something different.  The studio owner, her husband, and I went to visit an Alpaca farm to see if we can use the Alpaca fur to felt.  Alpaca fur is softer than wool, but the felting turned out differently.  It did not do too badly, and it looks more like cobweb felting.  Interesting!

And here is the Alpaca whose fur we bought to use for felting!  The Alpacas are lovely animals and their fur amazingly soft.

 Over the last few months I have also worked on a few cowls for the coming fall and winter.  My biggest challenge was the mobius cowl which is knitted in the round with a twist. It drapes beautiful and just looks so nice. I am happy with the way it turned out and I have yarn for the next one!

 Some other cowls in different patterns.  My model looks a little freakish with no make up or hair, but she did nicely.

I will be posting more on the Nuno felting and hope I can get a few more scarves done soon.
Until then, happy knitting!!

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